Raw Power in Motion (RPM), is an indoor cycling workout that mimics outdoor riding. One session of RPM can help you burn over 675 calories.

If you love low-impact but results-oriented exercises, enrolling in an RPM spin class for stamina training would be ideal for you. The fun workout will have you listening to upbeat music while your instructor guides you through flat riding, hill climbing and sprinting.

Indoor cycling RPM class

The following are four workouts that you’re likely to encounter in your RPM Spin class for stamina training.

Stamina Booster

Stamina Booster is ideal for new cyclists that will allow them to take it easy without overdoing it. Here’s how to perform it correctly;

  • Start with a 2-minute easy pedal
  • Use maximum energy to pedal at 60 RPM for 4 minutes
  • Next, use maximum power to cycle at 80 RPM for 2 minutes
  • Do another 2-minute easy pedal
  • Repeat the four steps thrice.Cycling Drill

Cycling drills are perfect for triathletes. The drilling exercise will help you build your triathlon stamina in a short time. Perform the exercise correctly by lowering your bike’s gear, then pedal with one foot. Your trainer will ask you to switch legs when you become too tired. Do this exercise regularly and watch your stamina grow.

Endurance builder

  • Start by warming up with a 15-minute easy pedal.
  • Ease into the workout with a 5 to 10 minutes easy paced spin
  • Up it a notch by cycling on higher gear, at 75 RPM
  • With 7-minute recovery breaks, pedal for 15 minutes at three intervals
  • Finally, cool down with a 15-minute easy pedal.RPM cycling workout Lactate enhancer

Lactate is responsible for your body’s metabolism and is essential for your stamina. A quick metabolism means that your body always has energy. Hence, you’ll never feel lethargic. Here’s the right way to perform a lactate enhancer;

  • Warm up with a 10-minute spin
  • Proceed with three sets of 8-minute peddling with 4-minute breaks between the intervals

Try an RPM Spin class for stamina training and build your stamina like a pro.

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